Friday, December 31, 2010

First Week at Work

I wanted to start this blog to tell the story of the day by day life of a 21 year old guy living up in north lake. Working on a resort isnt as cake as i thought it would be. Its fuckn freezing up here, i was froze out of my car the other day when i was trying to go to work. It was 1degree when i first got up and the only door that would open was the trunk.....FML i had to crawl through there to start up my car and warm it up.

The coolest thing so far at work has been getting the fresh tracks in the early early morning before the mountain is even open. Riding down with just the other lift ops at the very end of the day is pretty dope too

First Week in North Lake

First week here in north lake tahoe and its been hectic...The person i was suppose to move in with bailed on the who plan so i was homeless for the first week while looking for a place to live. Thank God a place came around pretty fast thanks to craigslist.