Thursday, January 20, 2011


first off let me start off with delivering the pics of my hoopty

but damn what a terrible day snowboarding, i was in a great mood when i showed up to throw down big today and work on my spins....4th run of the day i decided to hit the 45 foot and 55foot kickers with just a simple grab, nothn crazy. the 45 i stomped! speed checked and went to hit the 55.....cought an edge or something at the lip and it kicked my board out from under me...
heres a pic of about the size of the jump(if you look at my previous pics of the jumps the skiiers are hitting, its the same jump), how high i was, and the position my body was in.

problem was that i didnt want to be in that position! and the conditions of the mountain is shit, its an inch of fake snowblown snow over solid ice. needless to say i feel out of the air very very high up, knew i was falling on my back, covered the back of my head with my hands and let my self hit the solid ice....well thank god i didnt break anything or hit my head but this is the result

after rolling around in pain i decided i was done riding for the day and that i was done riding my powder board off the kickers and pretending that i didnt need a board just for park.
powder board; arbor abacus:
I highly highly recommend that board if your balls deep in some serious powder and want to mobb.

But who am i kidding, im working with a 59" base of ICE and FAKE snow
So i went ahead and got myself a park board.

....funny thing is i JUST bought a helmet yesterday, never thought i would but i know since im getting much better it would be a good investment. Especially since i dont have insurance. And this mutiny helmet is so tits!
so from now on helmet everyday. and you should too.


  1. ouch that's gotta hurt, i'd say the helmet was a good investment

  2. Oooo that looks like it hurt.

  3. I iz not jelly of your hoopty, my hoopty's windows roll up

  4. dat ass XD :joke:
    It's really hurt

  5. Ouch, hope you get better soon.

    And yes, I so jelly.

    Following and supporting.

  6. I bet that stings! amazing jump btw :D

  7. Thats looks a tiny bit sore, hope you hhve fun with your future scab.

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  8. a helmet is a good investment. You never know when something hard might hit you on the noggin'

  9. Ouch man thats gotta hurt, what you need is some codine!

  10. I'm certainly not jelly of the epic ouchie. Get better!

  11. that must of hurt got a cartoon that might make ya feel better? =]

  12. cool blog im following!

  13. oooo nice scratch :D
    i bet it stings a lil

  14. San Diego fuck yeah

  15. holy crap that looks painful. follow'd and supporting

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  17. Nice! Followed!

  18. Too scared of hurtin my super important body parts to get down with floating on frozen water. Nice car tho.