Tuesday, February 1, 2011

laptop to tab?

so sitting in class today taking a shit load of notes it came to mind that i can type a hellllll of a lot faster than i can write.

Last semester one of my buddies in Humboldt used to have one of these 10"GTabs.
link: http://nobootleg.com/10gtab
Turned out it was his Dads company. He let me play with both of their 7" and 10" tabs and i admit they were pretty dope. I already have a 15" macbookpro but this bastard is like 6 years old haha. I want to get a new laptop thats for sure, but what do you guys think of that 10" tab?

the specs for you to lazy to copy paste the link :-P

* GenuineBrands® 1 Year warranty
* CPU Intel® Atom n450 High-speed 1.66GHz
* Chipset intel 945GSE+ICH7-M
* Display 10.2-inch LCD Striking 1,024 x 600
* Multi-Touch Screen (Stylus not required)
* Graphic card Integrated Intel GMA950
* Memory DDR2 667/533 MHz
* DDR2 SO-DIMM slot, 2GB
* Storage SATA HDD, 320GB
* Built in WiFi and Bluetooth
* Inbuilt 3G and GPS
* O.S. Support windows 7 and XP (N.I.C)
* PC camera 1.3 Mega Pixels
* Sound high definition support 2.1 output
* Two audio jacks
* I/O Ports 3 × USB 2.0 ports
* 1 x 2 in1 headphone and Mic jack
* 1 x Internal Microphone
* 1 x DC-In jack
* 1 x SD/MMC slot
* Slots 3G SIM card slot
* 1 x DIMM slot
* 2 x Mini PCI-E slots:
* Battery 3 cell polymer battery 3,000Mah),
* Battery time: 3-5 Hours
* Input/output adapter 100 to 240V to 50/60Hz
* Output: 19V to 2.1A"
* Thermal cooling system with smart fan
* Dimension 290 × 150 × 20mm, 1.2KG net weight

ps. i finished my notes for ch.1 drug homework, ill upload them somewhere on the interwebz tonight


  1. Ah I miss my laptop. Well it is about 6 years old so about time it died. Gaming desktop just isn't the same, not quite so portable!


  2. That tablet looks pretty awesome.
    Tablets are getting super popular. I had a loooong discussion about upcoming ones with another coworker.

  3. Netbooks are useful for this as well

  4. i will never, ever use a tablet. My phone can do everything a tablet can, and does it faster.

  5. i would do anything to trade in my laptop for this magical device

  6. I'd love to have a laptop for once.. just for the easy transport -.-;;


  7. about time someone compete with that lame ass ipad crap

  8. i don't know if i would trade a notebook for a tab, but i never tried one so...

  9. Tablets are super cool, but as far as using it for taking notes in class, I don't see it being as good as a laptop. The lack of tactile feedback could be annoying and typing on a touchscreen could get tedious, plus you'd have to be looking down at the tablet all the time, which could lead to neck strain.

    This tablet does look pretty sweet though. I love tablets, but I just don't think they are suited for a classroom (at least when it comes to taking notes).

  10. Laptop's still rule for me - you can't beat a proper keyboard

  11. A tablet would be a fun toy to have, but if you're conducting any sort of legit business, you've gotta have the laptop.

  12. I really need to upgrade my own laptop...

    Following and supporting,

  13. Personally I don't like tabs. I feel if you dropped one they are done for. But, that's like for every electronic. And I agree with Ish. I don't think they're meant for classrooms if you have to take notes.

  14. Really? I type really fast, but have never compared it to writing.

  15. how about a LABTAB? I should get paid for my genius

  16. tabs are good, but for notes and stuff they're coming out with a graphite tablet you can take notes on and save n stuff for $100. think it works as an mp3 player, too.

  17. Sweet, but i go with a regular pc


  18. is it laptop..! or tablet because i have one like this but it i$ tablet for drawing..

  19. nice thing!


  20. Laptop, 100% sure. Its better to feel the keyboard if your objective is typing fast. With a tablet you might have mistyped something and don't realize it

  21. i think computer still is the best for serious stuff, but tablets are sure alot of fun for on the go. following


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  24. id go with laptop for now. let them sort out the tablet wars before you weigh the options