Monday, October 17, 2011

Send Tweets using Siri

How to use Twitter with Siri ? The awesome voice assistant feature Siri doesn’t have the ability to tweet your voice via Twitter application but Mashable has gave us method to let your iPhone 4S able to tweet via Siri which will be a very good feature in this iPhone. 

How to send tweets by Siri :

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  1. these siri capabilities are unbelievable

  2. I wonder how good the voice communication actually works and how practical it is.

  3. This is so cool. Siri sounds so awesome. I can't wait until the iPhone 5 is released so I can try this awesome thing out.

  4. wow! I really have to get into that

  5. Many people would love to marry Siri.

  6. cool stuff man...

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  7. i just wonder if siri will work for the western country farm boy accent... lol ^_^