Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Another Advertising service

Just like the other website I talked about yesterday, here is another system that is working to become like AdSense.
Advertise with Anonymous Ads
What I do like about Anonymous Ads oppose to the other site, is that they give you the option on what kind of ads you would like to allow! perfect if you have other ad services on your site that block certain type of material.

Both of these are very interesting for those of you who would like to generate some extra revenue and get paid via BitCoin. Check it out with the link above!


  1. Ah, it pays by bitcoin? Not sure if I can get too excited by that, even after the recovery.

  2. Interesting stuff buddy. Best of luck in acquiring Bitcoins from it.

  3. Interesting ad service, thanks for sharing this!

  4. I'll pass and stick with AdSense for now.

  5. From what I can tell from these ads, they REALLY need to fix the formatting on these. Shouldn't extend the page the way it is.