Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Madden 12 on the iPhone

Got madden 12 for my iPhone today and let me tell you I'm disappointed. Just like every other EA sport game there is hardly any change in gfx and gameplay physics. Its just a roster update

Costing $7 for iPhone and $10 for iPad, Madden 12 sports more than 2500 actual NFL players from all 32 teams. You can compete in standalone exhibition games, play through an entire 16-game season, or relive the 2010/2011 playoffs (which no Eagles fan would ever consider doing). EA claims that Madden 12 sports “sharper gameplay and cleaner graphics” than its previous incarnations on iOS.

Among the new features in Madden 12 is the ability to draw custom hot routes for almost any play—running, passing, or defensive. Unlike its Android counterpart, Madden 12 on iOS also includes leaderboards that show you how you stack up against other Madden devotees. (That feature uses EA’s Origin network, and not Apple’s Game Center.)

As in previous editions of the game, you’ll control things with a virtual joystick on one side of your device, and various action buttons—including the ability to slow things down while you trigger specific moves—on the othe

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  1. great post
    i like your blog (:

  2. I could spend hours playing this!! :D

  3. I'm planning to get an Iphone but can we pirate games and softwares for our Iphones ?

  4. This would be the only reason I would ever want an iPhone.

  5. I'm glad these types of games are going to the phones and pads.

  6. The battery would last so so soooo little with that on my ipad.