Wednesday, August 31, 2011

RPG for iPhone?

Aralon: Sword and Shadow is an iPhone 3d RPG inspired by that classic vein that focuses on a compelling story, a unique hero, and an open 3D world ready for exploration. Journey through the Kingdom of Aralon and unravel its mysteries.

Over 30 hours of gameplay
Explore a massive world with different regions
Customize your character’s appearance
4 Character Classes
3 Playable Races: Humans, Elves, and Trolls
A primary quest and multiple, optional side-quests
Hundreds of items to acquire and wield
Comprehensive Inventory System
Battle various enemies that use different fighting tactics
Faction system, herb gathering, crafting potions and magical items, dual-wielding, lockpicking and more
Acquire a mount for fast travel throughout the kingdom

While this game is pretty good about an hour or 2 into it, it is hard to play on the small screen and the controls kind of get in the way sometimes. The reverse inverted in also annoying as hell. This game is a big step in big ass RPGs for the iOS devices and it would be nice to see some online play as well using game center or something similar.

rated: 4/5 ... 5 with online mode

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  1. I like the gold digging part. Do you see why?

  2. I love RPG's..but kind of hard to play them on smartphones, thoughI love RPG's..but kind of hard to play them on smartphones, though

  3. this seems so pointless! just use a laptop or a desktop.

  4. Looks really nice for an iPhone game!

  5. Yep, looks pretty good for an iphone game. Im not much of an RPG lover, but still