Wednesday, November 2, 2011

More Than 60% Of All Mobile Web Traffic Comes From iPhone, iPad And iPod Touch

There seems to be no limits for the success Apple has achieved since the launch of its iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. All around the world people are literally crazy for these products so much so that more than 60% of all mobile web traffic comes from iOS devices around the world.

According to mobile web traffic summary released by Net Applications, the iOS platform accounts for 61.64% of all mobile web traffic from all parts of the world. Even in September, iOS platform was the leader among all other competitors, bringing in a total of 54.65% of all mobile web traffic.

A big contributing factor to this achievement is the successful launch of iPhone 4S. The Apple iPhone 4S is the most successful iPhone launch to date with over one million units being ordered in the first day alone. The first release weekend saw a pre-order of more than four million units of iPhone 4S in seven countries.

With iPhone 4S being available in a total of 34 countries by end of November, it is expected that this share will increase further in the coming months. Way to go Apple!
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  1. just wait till the 5 gets released

  2. People are blown out by apple advertising. Half of them don't know other phones can browse the net too.

  3. I didn't know it!

  4. This is quite the monopoly they have if it's true. 60% is a massive share, and I'm guessing almost all of the rest of the 40% is taken up by Androids and Blackberry leaving a very small market for other phones to tap into. Crazy statistics!

  5. Wow! But how much internet traffic is moble vs stationary?!

  6. That's crazily higher than I expected actually.... 0_o