Friday, September 30, 2011

Download Firefox 7 - Windows, Mac, Linux [Direct Links]

Just a little while ago, Mozilla has released Firefox 7 for Windows, Mac and Linux. Firefox 7 brings killer feature as it drastically reduces memory consumption. You can download Firefox 7 for Windows, Mac and Linux directly from it's official links.

Before downloading Firefox 7 - Here's Full Changelog :

Firefox 7 uses less memory than Firefox 6 (and 5 and 4): often 20% to 30% less, and sometimes as much as 50% less. In particular, Firefox 7′s memory usage will stay steady if you leave it running overnight, and it will free up more memory when you close many tabs.

This means that Firefox 7 is faster (sometimes drastically so) and less likely to crash, particularly if you have many websites open at once and/or keep Firefox running for a long time between restarts.

Download Firefox 7 for Windows, Mac and Linux - Links :

Download Firefox 7 for Windows
Download Firefox 7 for Linux
Download Firefox 7 for Mac
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  1. best explorer ever,
    following you

  2. This is useful. No reason not to download it.

  3. Firefox disappointed me greatly, since version 4.

  4. I use google chrome myself. I'm pretty happy with it.

  5. i use firefox so this will help alot!

  6. I love firefox, got to get 7.

  7. Firefox has a new version every week lately seems like

  8. oh thanks for share it :)
    nice post

  9. Nice! Firefox is such a memory hog for me.

  10. Nice, nice, it's about time too. Hopefully this reduce load times for me.