Friday, September 16, 2011

HTC Wants To Purchase webOS To Compete With iOS

When it comes to Android, we know that it is the only strong competitor to iOS in the market. While iOS devices are solely manufactured by Apple only, Android devices are manufactured by host of companies, HTC being the market leader in that segment. So obviously, HTC sees iOS as competition and now it wants to purchase webOS in order to take over that competition.
Cher Wang, who is the Chairwoman of HTC has said that the company wants to buy its own mobile operating system. Once it does that, HTC will turn down the development of Android handsets a bit and focus on developing and improving the operating system that they buy.

The Chairwoman has revealed that the company has set its sights on webOS, an operating system that HP acquired from Palm back in April 2010 for $1.2 Billion. It is possible that HP may sell webOS as they have already liquidated all stocks of webOS based products and have cancelled any further development of webOS based devices.

Nevertheless, if HP does intend to sell webOS, a lot of buyers will be lined up for it, including HTC's rival Samsung. Cher Wang states that the Board of Directors have thought this through and are absolutely sure of the decision that they want to make. The question here is, if HTC does end up being successful in buying webOS, what will it do with it that will save HTC from a fate like that of HP?


  1. To be quite honest, i have no idea what would happen if that occurred.

  2. WebOS will not work in my opinion, it's nice, but what it needs is apps, apps are what drive the tablets and smart phones, if there's a lack of them, the device crashes. They need to pay some developers, make it easy for newbies to develop, make the kits free and advertise them so more people would know about them, I'm sure there are loads of people who would gladly make an app, or 10.

  3. Post above me is right about the applications aspect that helps drive tablet and smart phone sales but this is still a very interesting development.