Monday, September 5, 2011

Just got a 3DS

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So I went to GameStop today because I was really craving to play some pokemon...Ended up walking out with a 3ds, zelda OCT, and sims 3 for the girl...and no pokemon hahaha.

 Let me tell ya, this thing is pretty sweet. I love not having to wear those stupid glasses most of all. Hopefully some more online games come out in the near future to keep me more distracted from my homework that needs to get done.

PUMPED on the new Starfox come out on the 9th! I hope you all had a great labor day and ill post more on this 3ds tomorrow and a new post on my graffiti blog aswell as check out all your guys new posts that happened over the weekend anyways

if you got one send me a friend invite: 3351-4274-3142


  1. I want one, too. D:

  2. Thats usually how it works, go to the store to get one thing, walk out with 3 totally different things!

  3. Mario Kart, you have to buy Mario Kart. There should be a law that makes it mandatory.

  4. Still stuck with an ninteno ds lite! But I read somewhere that if you played longer then an hour on the 3ds, you're eyes are gonna hurt, is this true or a rumor?